What is so unique about Norway?


Tomma Island, Nordland. Part of the Rödingsfjället Nappe Complex, these rocks are mid-grade metamorphosed rock with a sedimentary origin.

Many people would answer the long coastline and fjords of Norway. Even though fjords exist in other countries as well, such as on Greenland, Alaska, Iceland and New Zealand, nowhere in the world are the fjords so accessible and so numerous. Norwegian fjords are narrow, long and deep. The second and third largest fjord in the world both are in Norway (the largest is in Greenland).  Besides fjords there are many other examples of a unique culture and heritage in Norway; the Sami culture, wooden architecture, Norwegian salmon, lutefisk (and other traditional food), the North Sea oil and the Norwegian ‘folkedrakt’.

As a geologist (and Norwegian?!) we would say the steep-sided beautiful mountains that surround our fjords, making also them easily accessible for everyone who lives and experiences our country are also pretty unique. The nature of Norway make us proud of the country we are living in, it exhibits unlimited possibilities of hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities and draws tourists from all over world.

Yet, most Norwegians and people living in Norway do not know much about the unique geology that our mountains consist of; geology that most of us see and experience every day.  More common is knowledge about the birds, fishes, plants and animals in Norway, and why is that? Is the living part of our world more interesting? Really? We prefer to think that branch of common knowledge comes from a traditional sight of view. Animals, fishes and birds are food; plants take up CO2 and create O2 that we are dependent on and so on. It might be difficult to see exactly what geology does for us and can do for the masses (perhaps providing resources as oil and gas for example). It is simple however. In modern time, we seek knowledge. We like to know about the things around us and be able to discuss it. The nice thing about geology, as mentioned before, is that we are surrounded by it. It is therefore accessible knowledge that we not just can learn about, but also touch and observe, we can all relate to it on a daily basis. When that is said, geology have become a topic in Norwegian high school the last years, which is a good thing! Reading something in a book however, and then recognize it in nature requires practice.

We have an aim to present and discuss popular geology in Norway, both in relation to regional geology, and also in other contests of specific topics related to present time issues.  Our vision is to reach out to geologists, hobby geologist and ones with general interest in things around by trying to keep it simple (KISS) and interesting.

Why not follow this blog and learn something about our unlimited geology in Norway? We are sure it will make it more fun to walk around in the mountains, drive a car along the fjords and sail across the coastline to mention some examples!



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