About Us

We are two geologists, studying Arctic Marine Geology and Geophysics with an emphasis on a changing Arctic climate (PhD students). The Arctic is being affected by a changing climate, where we see the effects first hand in both daily life and our scientific research.  The facts about a changing Arctic climate, as we see them, are currently shaping everything from political policies to scientific research frontiers to new technologies. Here, we will attempt to curate all facets of Arctic living from a geologists point of view.


Two Arctic Marine Geologists loving life in Hornsund, Svalbard

We are extremely lucky to both live and work north of the Arctic Circle. One of the highlights is of course the dramatic coast of Northern Norway and Svalbard. Another is, of course, the wild life. Our research takes us everywhere from the Arctic Ocean to the Barents Sea and offshore Norway, where we have even gotten up (not too) close and personal with polar bears.


Polar bear and her cub hanging out on an ice berg, Svalbard