Life in the Arctic

Life in the arctic is a gorgeous, completely mystifying experience. Northern Norway is full of resilient people, awe-inspiring wild life and stunning natural phenomenon. Looking out the bedroom window on a clear winter night, often we are graced with the beauty of the Northern Lights dancing above. Winter is tough but rewarding – the sun sets in December and does not rise again until January but even then the sun doesn’t completely make it over the mountains. The best solution to this is to climb a mountain and catch some rays – the only ‘problem’ is that you’ll have to ski back down! Living above the Arctic circle gives a very different perspective on the ‘Climate Problem’ – living in an area that is most vulnerable to climatic changes, we get to see first-hand the effects that many other people around the world are unable to appreciate.


The sun appears after a long dark winter

Sadly, the Arctic is extremely vulnerable to warming climate. Arctic sea-ice is in decline (You can follow the sea ice at the National snow and ice data center) which of course has an impact on the wild life that relies on the seasonal growth of the sea ice for survival. Of course, there are also impacts that we can feel ourselves. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute shows in Northern-Norway climate is tending towards being warmer and wetter than prior to 1985. Although this could be considered good news for beach-goers and those who dislike the negative temperatures in winter, it is not good news for those who love to ski to work.